Cebraem is a Brazilian resin company (extracted from Pinus Elliottii) and hardwood. The company extracts the resin in natura, with the objective of transforming it into product, such as pitch, turpentine and derivatives.
It operates as extraction, industry and trade in the domestic market also of logs (natura) and benefited and export.

It has an experienced team to produce quality products and is prepared to meet the most stringent requirements of the National and International market. It is located in the city of Criciúma, in the interior of the state of Santa Catarina.

Our Products

We work with the extraction of resin in natura, with the objective of
transform it into product, such as pitch, turpentine, derivatives and woods.


We take advantage of 100% of the forest raw material, resulting from the distillation of the crude resin, thus obtaining several derivatives, which are widely used in industry.


One of the products obtained by distillation of the crude resin, Breu has an adherent property, which after chemically modified can be used as adhesives, paints varnishes, paper glue, chewing gum, depilatory waxes, coatings, soaps and detergents.


Liquid obtained from the distillation of the crude resin with a characteristic pine odor and normally colorless. Used widely in the solvent industry, it may also be part of the composition of disinfectants, camphor, perfumes, other.


In addition to working with the extraction of resin, we commercialize wood for the domestic market and export, which will later be used in the manufacture of furniture, in civil construction, among other.

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